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特刊第35號第1卷-Breeding Research and Biotechnology. Volume I

Toward Enhanced and Sustainable Agricultural Productivity in the 2000's: Breeding Research and Biotechnology

Proceedings of
The 7th International Congress of the Society for the Advancement of
Breeding Researches in Asia and Oceania (SABRAO) and International
Symposium of World Sustainable Agriculture Association (WSAA)

Volume I

Edited by
Sheng-Chung Huang, Chief
Dah-Jiang Liu
Ching-Huei Kao
Te-Tzu Chang

Published by
Taichung District Agricultural Improvement Station


Page   CONTENTS of Volume I
i   Foreword
iv   Message to the SABRAO-WSAA International Conference by His Excellency , President Teng-Hui Lee of R.O.C.
vi   Welcome Address by Dr. Ta-You Wu (President, Academia Sinica)
vii   Special Address by Dr. Paul M. H. Sun (Chairman, Council of Agriculture, R.O.C.)
ix   Special Opening Address by Dr. Mau-Ying Tjiu (Commissioner, Department of Agriculture & Forestry, Taiwan Provincial Covernment)
x   Address by Dr. Teruaki Kawai (President, SABRAO)
xi   Introductory Remarks by Dr. Te-Tzu Chang (President, SABRAO)
xiv   Report by Dr. Sung-Ching Hsieh (Secretary General of SABRA-WSAA Congress)
1   Remaking a Crop Gene Pool: The Case History of Avena / K. J. Frey
15   Linkages among Plant Genetic Resources, Breeding and Biotechnology-Global Imperatives / T. T. Chang
25   Thoughts about the Origin of Cultivated Rice / H. I. Oka
31   Collection and Evalouation of Korean Red Rices / H. S. Suh, W. G. Ha, and M. H. Heu
37   Sources of Resistance to Net Blotch in Barley Germplasm / K. Sato and K. Takeda
45   Strategies for maintaining Plant Genetic Resources Entries with Minimum Loss of Allelic Diversity / K. Yonezawa, T. Ishii, T. Nomura, and H. Morishima
53   Diversity in Indonesian Clove [ Syzygium aromaticum (L) Merr.& Perr.] Populations as Surveyed by Elliptic Fourier Descriptors of Leaf Shape / C. Yamamoto, E. Hadipoentyanti, H. lwata, M. Niwa, S. Ninomiya, and Y. Ukai
61   Glycine mex ssp. formosana (Hosokawa) Ohashi in Taiwan: Allozyme and Seed Morphology / J. Abe, F. S. Thseng, and Y. Shimamoto
67   The Distribution of Bamboos in India and the Need for Conervation of Gene Resources of the Endangered Species / B. L. Das
77   Genetic Control of Rece Root System Associated with Drought Resistance Genoveva / C. Loresto and T. T. Chang
85   Hybrid Sterility Caused by Anther Indehiscence between Distantly Related Rice Varieties / M. Maekawa and T. lnukai
93   Identification of a Recessive Inhibitor for Photoperiod-sensitivity Gene, Se-1 , in Photoperiod-insensitive Varieties of Indica Type Rice / I. Ohshima and F. Kikuchi
101   Lateness Lines with ef-1 Alleles Produced from a Cross between Two Early Rice Varieties Having Ef-1 Alleles / K. H. Tsai
109   Does an Earliness Gene Ef-1 Shorten Pleiotropically Anther Length in Rice? / S. Sato
121   Heterosis among Japonica , Javanica , and Indica Rice and Its Correlation to Isozyme Polymorphism / H. Kato, K. Tanaka, H. Nakazumi, T. Kubota, H. Araki, T. Yoshida, Y. Ogi, S. Yanagihara, N. Kishimoto, and K. Maruyama
131   Difference of the Heading-time Genes of a Rice Variety Taichung 65 from Those of Japanese Rice Varieties / Y. Okumoto, H. Inoue, and T. Tanisaka
139   Polymorphism of Bacterial Blight Resistance in the Populations of Wild and Cultivated Rice: A Lesson from Natural-Ecosystem / H. Morishima
145   Effects of the 1BL-1RS Translocation Chromosome om Agronomic Traits of Wheat Cultivars / S. Nonaka, Y. Tanida, K. Toriyama, and K. Tsunewaki
153   Rice Embryogenesis is Completed through Complicated Interactions of Many Genes / S. K. Hong, H. Kitano, H. Satoh, and Y. Nagato
159   Gene Mapping on Rice Pachytene Chromosomes by Using Reciprocal Translocations and Tertiary Trisomics; the Orientation of Linkage Groups Corresponding to the Chormosomes 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 12 / K. I. Nonomura, A. Yoshimura, N. Kishimoto, and N. Iwata
167   Production and Identification of Acrotrisomics in Rice ( O . sativa L.) / K. Ikeda, H. Furuumi, A. Yoshimura, H. Yasui, and N. Iwata
173   Characterizaton of Mutations Induced by Transposable Elements / J. C. Osterman and M. K. Lu
179   Use of Doubled Haploids in Studying Net Blotch Resistance in Barley / T. M. Choo, T. Tekauz, K. M. Ho, and R. A. Martin
189   Characterization of Chemical Composition of Maize Defective Kernel Mutants / M. T. Chang, D. Rimathe, L. Becker, P. Keeling, and M. G. Neuffer
201   Genetics and Expression of the Anthocyanin Biosynthetic Pathway Genes in Soybean / C. S. Wang and L. O. Vodkin
215   Chromosmal Behavior of the Somatic Hybrids between Nicotiana Syslvestris and N. tomentosiformis Protoplast Fusion / K. L. Lai and L. J. Liao
223   Cytogenetics Studies on Saccharum-Miscanthus Nobilization / Y. H.Chen, C. Chen, and C. C. Lo
235   Transmission of Apomixis in Pennisetum - Genetic Markers Co-inherited with Apomixis / M. C. Luo, K. K. Hwu, and Y. K. Cheng
241   Genetic structure of Cultivated Soybeans in Japan / T. Hirata, M. Kaneko, J. Abe, and Y. Shimamoto
247   Genetic Analysis Of Bolting in Sugarbeets Using a Gene for Annuality (B) / G. P. Guan, J. Abe, and Y. Shimamoto
253   Karyological Sudies on the Polyploid of Taxodiaceae Trees / Y. Toda
261   Morphological Characters and Inheritance of 'Variegate-leaf' Mutant in Petunia hybrida / C. Aoki, T. Wada, and K. Hattori
267   Preliminary Study on Morpho-agronomic Traits of Malaysia's Foxtail Millet ( Staria italica L. P. Beaux.) / M. K. Narimah and M. Hasimah
273   Inheritance of Phenol Reaction in Barley / K. Takeda and C. L. Zhang
277   Chromosome Fragment-induced Instability of Rice Trisomics / H. K. Wu and M. C. Chung
279   Effects of Inbreeding on a Seed-retaining Cultivar of the Perennial Pasture Crass, Phalaris aquatica / L. R. N. Oram
285   Alternation of Conventional with Unconventional Means in Sugarcane Breeding / M. Krishnamurthi
291   Modern Breeding in Phalaenopsis Orchid / W. H. CHen, R. M. Hsieh, C. C. Wu, M. S. Chyou, W. T. Tsai, and Y. M. Fu
297   A New Method of Four-Line for breeding Hybrid Rice / Q. S. Zhu, Z. X. Lu, W. S. Xia, and X. O. Zhu
303   Variation of Fatty Acid Composition in Amphiliploidy Strains Preserved by Self or Sibcross Pollination from F1 Hybrids (AABC) betweed Brassica juncea (AABB) and B. napus (AACC) / M. Okamoto, R. Uesugi, F. Kakihara, and M. Kato
313   Possibilities of Directive Mutation in Ornamerntals / S.K.Datta
317   Mutaton Breeding Study in Rice( Oryza Sativa L.)Development of Law Amylose Mutants of the Rice Variety Giza 175 / A. A. E1-Hissewy and G. S. Khush
325   Croddability of Wheat.Triticale,Barley and Rye and Pollen Tube Growth after Gamma Radiations / V. K. Khanna
333   Selection Environment in Mulberry ( Mourus Spp.) by Joint Scoring of Yield and Its Components / B. G. Parkash, A. Sarkar, and H. K. Chaturvedi
339   Ecology and Epidemiology of Soybean Mosaic Virus in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan / A. Ali and S. Hassan
349   F1 Hybrid Canola ( Brassica napus L.) on Cytoplasmic Genetic Male Sterility / K. H. Kang and J. H. Kim
355   Pepper Breeding Strategies at AVRDC / J. M. Poulos
363   TAPM 26: A New Variety Recommended for the Malaysian Flue-cured Tobacco Industry / Y. Musa and M. S. Mohd Farid
370   Breeding Profile of Tea and Garden Camellias in Japan / S. Yamaguchi
371   Conversion of Elite Tropical Maize Germplasm for Maize Streak Virus Resistance / C. Y. Tang, M. Bjarnason, A. Diallo, and H. N. Pham
372   Combining Ability for the Inheritance of Resistance to Targert Leaf Spot in Forage Sorghum / S. P. Shaug
373   The Development of a New Snap Pea variety: Taichung 13 / J. Y. Kuo
374   Application of Molecular Biology for Rice Breeding / T. Izawa, H. Fujimoto, K. Itoh, Y. Kimura, M. Nakajima, R. Terada, J. Kyouzuka, and K. Shimamoto
375   Development of High Yield, High Quality, and Wide Adapatility Indica Type Rice Taichung sen 10 / T. F. Lin
376   Alternative Techniques in Sobean Breeding / C. Y. Hu
377   Isolation and Biochemical Characterization of an EMS-induced Waxy Mutant of Sorghum ( Sorghum bicolor L. Moench) / C. L. Lin, Y. I. Hsing, Y. C. Huang, and J. S. Hsieh
378   Breeding of a New Strawberry Variety-Taoyuan No. 2 / C. M. Lee. S. K. Chang. L. S. Lee, and W. T. Ni